Connect With These Yoga Poses for Each Mood

If you want to balance your mood, try fitting in a yoga session. In fact, each yoga pose has unique and subtle benefits, from helping you feel more energized to soothing stress after a long day according to research from Boston University. As you tune into your body, you become more aware of your sensations and how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then you can release and reconnect with these yoga poses for each mood.

Relax in Downward Facing Dog
Feeling stressed? Forward bending poses calm anxiety by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which helps you feel relaxed and release stress. Feel at ease with forward bending poses, like downward facing dog, to release tension. Begin on your hands and knees. Then slowly straighten your legs as you spread the palms. Hold the pose and gently breathe.

Feel Energized in Low Lunge
Need an energy boost? Skip your morning coffee and wake up naturally with this invigorating posture. Back bending poses, like low lunge, activate the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). According to Yoga to Cope, this SNS branch of the nervous system puts your body in alert mode, making you feel energized by increasing blood flow to the body.

To enter the pose, start in downward-facing dog. Then step the right foot forward between your hands. Lower your left knee to the floor as you raise both arms forward. Lift from your upper chest into a subtle backbend.

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